स्वाद मछली सा, पर सब्जी बेसन की (besan ki gravy sabji)



Visit: https://youtu.be/yVEw0MdAU_E


I come from a small village in Bihar (Muzaffarpur) known as ‘Sakra’. Fought my whole life for the betterment of society, women, children and disabled. I have been social worker since 1993 and a Music Teacher since 2003. I enjoyed working in many NGOs e.g. Rashtra Seva Dal(Pune), National Service Scheme, Bihar Viklang Kalyan Parishad, Foundation for Amity and National Solidarity. Helped domestic violant abused rural women to know their rights and organized training session of Judo-Karate, Sewing, Papad Making etc so that they can safely survive on their own. I have also been part of Pulse Polio Abhiyan and been part of training sessions of disabled. I have helped disabled, abused women and children as much I can. I was the first girl who did Masters in my village (nearby) and I have always taken this as grace so that I can bring change in society.

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